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Chelsi / 19 / Toronto, Canada

Aspiring model/photographer/bartender.
Highly influenced and interested in fashion, style, gore/horror, art, literature & photography.
This is my personal blog that I'll be using similar to a diary, writing about my daily life, daily problems, daily issues, rants, tutorials, OOTD posts, product reviews, interests, goals, dreams, love and everything inbetween!
Just a typical 19 year old girl trying to put together the pieces of my life while working towards my ideal future. If you would like to know any more about me feel free to check out the 'Author' and 'FAQ' tabs.


If you would like to contact me about anything regarding sponsorships, questions or anything else feel free to E-mail me at

Diet-> Day 1

Yes, I'm starting again. LOL
Hopefully I'll be able to lose quite a bit of weight this time, can't procrastinate!
Today I basically had Chiken and mixed veggies, abouuuut... 570 calories?
2 cans of diet pepsi (Tsk tsk I know, I'm going to quit that addiction too though!) and so faaaarrr... only 1 bottle of water, but I'm going to drink lots today, hopefully at least 4-5 bottles.
I'm going to work out for an hour burning around 400+ calories.
When I become confident enough and happy with my body, I'll post photos revealing more skin (Not in a sexual way of course) but showing my stomach/thigh area~
I'll take a full body picture every 2 weeks or so~
My goal is to diet till I'm happy with my body, I won't be using a scale.
Using a scale would just cause obsession over a number rather than being happy over my body.
I've never really posted before pictures, &these aren't really new, about a month old but this is basically my body now!

As you can see, I'm really really not as skinny as people think so, but soon I will be! >:)
I wouldn't call myself fat, but I'm defiantly not skinny, or at least not as skinny as I'd like to be.
I'm hella self conscious with my body, so I'm going to work hard towards being proud of my body.
Wish me luck! :D
1.04.2011 (4.1.11)