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Makeup, makeup, & more makeup!

A list of all the makeup I've bought over Christmas;

2 sets of Dolly Wink lashes.
Although I have’t tried them on yet, I’m really SUPER excited to, and can’t wait till I do. *A* I wanna buy more!! although they were a bit expensive, LOL. Around $17 for 1 set which has 2 pairs of lashes in them, although I defiantly feel that they’re worth the money.

More lashes~
These were actually quite cheap, around $4 for 10 pairs, but I LOVE them, they're not cheap quality-wise.

Liquid glitter eyeliner.
This was just a random buy because I had some left over money I couldn’t decide on what to spend it on, I’d say it was worth the money though! All 3 of these cost about $8+shipping, It takes a bit of getting used to so that it’ll come on noticeably, The liquid is clear so the only thing that’ll show is the glitter, but it can be a bit frustrating to work the glitter in to make it show more.

The Oriental GOLD BB CREAM.
I cannot even begin to explain how much I LOVE this BB cream, first BB cream I’ve tried.
At first I was a bit worried because I wasn’t sure if my skin would match the color (Online buying it’s really difficult to tell), but it blends SO well, especially if you have light skin. The color it’ll give your face is really nice and natural and gives nice coverage to cover those unwanted flaws on your face, also protecting your skin, whitening it, and helping wrinkles!
It also has a type of lip gloss (Can also be used as blush for cheeks very well) and a mirror on the lid. I’ve noticed after using it that my dark circles under my eyes are getting noticeably lighter.
Wearing this WILL NOT make your skin break out, I’ve even worn it while I was sleeping & if anything, my skin felt better in the morning after leaving it on all night.
Unlike many other makeup brands that’s purpose is to cover unwanted flaws on your face, this BB cream will defiantly not make you break out if you wear it for long periods of time unlike other makeup brands that aim to do the same.
This BB cream was also not that bad in price range, around $23 I payed.
If anyone wants to buy real genuine Skin79, Lioele, any kind of BB cream or makeup
I HIGHLY recommenced buying from here-> Her products are 100% genuine in a very good price range, and super nice seller & will also give out samples of other products when you buy something.
Overall, VERY much worth the money, and if I could rate it out of 10, I’d give it a 20 out of 10♥

Dariya Front Hair Bangs stabilizer.
This was another random buy, but I love it! *A*
I didn’t think they’d work as well as they do, but they’re REEEEAAALLLY helpful when you’re putting on your makeup and your bangs keep getting in the way, they were only $1, so super cheap but really clever and helpful tool.

Makeup brushes.
These were only about $6 so I wasn’t sure what the quality of the brushes would be like, but they’re actually really really good! I’ve been highly needly makeup brushes lately, and these defiantly come in handy!

Gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, more lashes, & eyeshadow.
These were more of just a random buy while I was looking through a cosmetic store in the mall, these were super inexpensive, EXCEPT the gel eyeliner, LOL. The gel eyeliner cost about $16 defiantly not cheap for eyeliner, but worth it!

Contouring palette.
I can’t remember exactly how much this was (I think it was around $10), and I haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet, but from what I’ve tested, the color goes on VERY well, and I’ve really been in need for a contouring palette for awhile, so again, it was worth the money spent! It’s also really big, so it’ll probably last me awhile, LOL.

50pc Eyeshadow Glitter Makeup Mineral Pigments.
I was REALLY surprised at how much I got of these, and I’m really happy with all of it! I haven’t tried out all of them yet, but from what I can tell they’ll be really fun to play with. :> The glitter ones can’t really be used as makeup considering that they don’t stick to your skin very well, but I’m sure you could find ways to make it stick onto your skin if you wanted by using a kind of wet makeup base, I love all of the colors SO much, & there’s SO many to choose from, this was about $23. :>

Eye shadow palette.
I couldn’t resist buying this because of all the pretty colors, and considering that I’ve never bought a real makeup palette before I couldn’t help myself, LOL. Although the eyeshadows are quite a bit smaller than what I had expected, (they look smaller IRL) it was still VERY worth the money spent on this ($20) and I’m hella excited about trying all of these colors out.

Ah~ I have so much makeup to try out and play with, this year will be a fun year, and I think I might actually start making makeup tutorials, maybe though since I’m camera shy and I’m still a noob at makeup, LOL.

All of the makeup palettes, bulk lashes, glitter eyeliner, eyeshdows&pigments, and the brushes I bought from here;
The Dolly Wink lashes I bought from here;
& the Gold BB Cream I bought from here;

AND FINALLY! My entire makeup collection.

I also bought a bit of clothes and hair extensions, although I'll post photos of them later.
My hair extensions still have yet to arrive~
But overall this Christmas and New Years was very good. :>

I also got some panda things; (The Panda slippers&mirror were a gift from my cousin ♥)

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