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Basic simple Gyaru look (Tutorial)

Quite a few people requested a tutorial, although I didn't do a video tutorial this time I'll do a video tutorial next time!
I wasn't really sure what kind of tutorial to do (Feel free to request a tutorial~~!), but eventually I decided to just go with doing a Gyaru tutorial! Most of the people who follow me here is into Gyaru fashion so I hope this helps! :>

Products used for this tutorial;
★Rimmel London Glam'Eyes mascara.
★Show colors eyeshadow in brown. (Although ANY brown eyeshadow would be fine, yours may even look better than mine! just make sure there's a medium brown & darker brown or even black eyeshadow)
★Maybelline Eyestudio gel eyeliner in Blackest Black.
★The Oriental Gold BB cream. (I use this more of a makeup base/primer)
★Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush finish in Porcelain Ivory. (My usual makeup foundation)
★Dolly Wink no. 5 Real Nude & no. 1 Dolly Sweet.

Okay lets get this tutorial started~!

Prime your eye lids like you'd naturally do before putting on makeup!

Start by putting a medium brown eyeshadow on the bottom outer corners of your eyes like shown, make sure you don't go all the way into the inner corners of your eyes and stop just about where the the bottom lashes end.

Start applying the medium brown eyeshadow on the upper eyelid and blend it in well.

Then start working the darker brown eyeshadow (or if you're using a black eyeshadow instead) into the crease of your eyelid and on the end of the upper eyelid as well, blend it in well but make sure that the shape is well defined as shown~

Now it's time to put on your bottom lashes! :>
(My bottom lashes weren't cooperating at the time so the outer corner may look a bit detached/not correct, but I fixed them in the next picture!)
For the more Gyaru-look you could put on the bottom lashes like mine, being a tiny bit farther apart than my natural lash line at the outer corners of my eyelid.

And now for the eyeliner! A lot of people would expect that I'd do my eyeliner first before anything, but since I'm only putting eyeliner on my top lid in a wing style, I always do it before I put my upper lashes on.
This can be a bit tricky since usually when people wing out their eyeliner they tend to make the line higher, but the way I do it is wing it out by connecting the line to the false lower lashes, like this;

And of course the last stage to this makeup tutorial, adding the upper lashes!
I didn't have clear eyelash glue so I needed to add a bit more eyeliner to cover up the glue so if you do have clear eyelash glue I think that'd be more recommended than the glue I used, LOL.

Tada! The final look~~!

This was my first makeup tutorial so I'll work towards becoming better at this with more tutorials.
Also these pictures were all taken SUPER in the morning when I was hella tired (from no sleeeep) and bored, LOL So please excuse my horribly ugly bare eye. ; n ;
Regardless of that, I hope it helped! :>
2.23.2011 (23.2.11)