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Chelsi / 19 / Toronto, Canada

Aspiring model/photographer/bartender.
Highly influenced and interested in fashion, style, gore/horror, art, literature & photography.
This is my personal blog that I'll be using similar to a diary, writing about my daily life, daily problems, daily issues, rants, tutorials, OOTD posts, product reviews, interests, goals, dreams, love and everything inbetween!
Just a typical 19 year old girl trying to put together the pieces of my life while working towards my ideal future. If you would like to know any more about me feel free to check out the 'Author' and 'FAQ' tabs.


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Hello! New tutorial coming up soon~

Today I was playing around with my wigs again, I haven't worn them in so long. OTL
The makeup I'm wearing (you can't see it clearly) is the makeup I'll be doing for the next tutorial, I would post it today although I haven't slept!
I'm so tired. ;~;

At first I was going to do a tutorial replicating the Dolly Wink eyeshadow look, although I decided to change it up a bit with the coloring.
The original style I wanted to replicate;

But I put purple on the upper lid, red around the outer corners of my bottom lid and white on the inner corners.
I didn't put on lashes this time though, but I'm sure it'd look way better with lashes!
I left my lash glue open and now it's all dried up, so it seems like I'll need to replace it soon before I can do any tutorials with lashes. :<
It's a very simple tutorial so defiantly will be easy to follow, and lashes are optional. :>

With that said, I'm going to go to bed!!
I've been cleaning all day, and I never slept last night so I feel like a zombie right now. ; ~ ;
Take care everyone~~!
2.27.2011 (27.2.11)