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Purple, Pink & White pop/party eye makeup! (Tutorial)

As mentioned in the previous post I WAS going to replicate the Dolly Wink eyeshadow look, although decided not to and just added different colors.
I'm not wearing any lashes but if you're doing this look feel free to add them. :>
The final look;

Okay, now for the tutorial!
The eyeshadow colors I used;

1; The color I used for the purple on the upper eyelid.
2; The color I used for the pink on the outer side of my lower eyelid.
3; The color I used for the white on my inner bottom eyelid. (You could use white eyeliner too, doesn't really matter although I like using the eyeshadow from my palette instead because it's a shimmer eyeshadow and goes on well)
My shimmer eyeshadow palette I got from
I HIGHLY recommend buying any kind of makeup from that store, most of the makeup I have now I bought there. :>

First prime eyes like you'd naturally do before putting on makeup, I accidentally deleted my before picture off my camera but I'm pretty sure you guys already know how my bare eye looks like anyway, LOL.

Now add the purple shimmer(Or matte if you'd like) eyeshadow to your upper eyelid and blend in well just a bit over your crease.

Now start adding the pink shimmer eyeshadow onto the ends of your bottom lash line.

And now for the white shimmer eyeshadow, you're free to use white eyeliner also, just add it in the inner corner of your bottom eyelid.

And the rest of your eye makeup! Add your eyeliner the way you wish, I usually do my eyeliner in a wing style, Also add your mascara, and false eyelashes if you wish!

And the final look!

Very short tutorial, if anyone has any requests for my next makeup tutorial I'd be happy to do them since I'm running out of ideas~~
And of course, constructive criticism is helpful so don't be afraid to give me some advice! LOL
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