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EOS Candy Blue review

So, I've finally decided on going ahead and buying my first pair of circle lenses from kiwiberry1-collection

Enlargement: 10/10
I think it was absolutely perfect how much they enlarged my eyes!
With a diameter 14.5 mm they aren't too big but big enough to make your eyes pop.

Color/Design: 10/10
I've literally been eyeing these circle lenses for months and months simply because I loved the design from when I first saw them and immediately thought "I must buy these!!!"
The black rim gives that dolly look and the color and design really really really blends in with whatever color your natural eyes are which is what I like most about them since I naturally have blue eyes.
Although they can look quite unnatural in pictures they actually look quite natural in person.

Comfort: 8/10
It was a bit difficult getting them but overall it's something everyone can get used to.
One of the lenses after I got it in felt completely fine, but one of the lenses I got in hurt for about 10 minutes to the point that I thought maybe I accidently put it in inside out but eventually my eyes got used to them and I really didn't feel them at all.
I had them in for about 5 hours and I was completely fine, the lenses are very comfortable once your eyes get used to them being in.
They did feel a bit dry every now and then but just make sure you use eye drops to moisturize them well.

Overall: 9.5/10
I really couldn't even begin to explain how much I absolutely adore these circle lenses and I recommenced them to anyone, especially those who want to go for the Gyaru look or just people who are looking for lenses that will give them that dolly eyed effect.
I'll be using these a lot and buying more of the same series in different colors♥

Some more pictures taken in different lighting;


8.18.2011 (18.8.11)