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Chelsi / 19 / Toronto, Canada

Aspiring model/photographer/bartender.
Highly influenced and interested in fashion, style, gore/horror, art, literature & photography.
This is my personal blog that I'll be using similar to a diary, writing about my daily life, daily problems, daily issues, rants, tutorials, OOTD posts, product reviews, interests, goals, dreams, love and everything inbetween!
Just a typical 19 year old girl trying to put together the pieces of my life while working towards my ideal future. If you would like to know any more about me feel free to check out the 'Author' and 'FAQ' tabs.


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It's been awhile~

I haven't been posting lately because I've been really busy.
Many things have happened since my last update that I don't even know where to begin!
My camera is now broken and I'm saving up to buy a new one but lately I've really been tempted to spend my money on other things!
Still looking for a job, still no luck.
Diet has been a fail.
A lot of things have happened but nothing has really changed, LOL.

On a side note a few weeks ago I went to Ottawa.
Pictures from the trip~

I really loved it there even though I spent a short time there, I also met up with a friend and she took me all around Ottawa.
She's really nice, I LOVE HER.
She also said anytime I want I can stay at her house for however long because she has a spare room in her house. :3
Remembering what happened when I was in Ottawa is kinda scary though.
I was reading up on what might of happened when I was so close to blacking out when I was walking on the streets of Ottawa and perhaps I was having a heat stroke.
I didn’t sleep for days and had so much stress going on and I was extremely exhausted from walking around all day in the heat.
I used to get heat strokes when I was younger but when it happened this time it was really scary, it felt like my body was shutting completely down.

My hearing was going and my vision was getting blurry, I kept shaking and my balance was off, I was literally holding onto a fence with all my strength trying to hold on but every few seconds my vision would go and I’d get really shaky suddenly and that’s when I knew that my grip was going to go any second.
If I didn’t hold on as hard as I could I would’ve passed out.

I fell backwards when I couldn’t hold on and that’s when my dad grabbed me from behind and held me up and brought me to a bench.
What’s even scarier is the fact that I don’t have a health card, if I passed out and didn’t have my health card the hospital wouldn’t have even looked at me.
Heat strokes are very dangerous if not treated quickly and they’re quite often fatal.

Thinking about what could have happened is scary.
Having a bunch of strangers come up to you looking all worried when you’re so dizzy you can’t even look up to them or walk is terrifying.
When I got to the hotel I slept about 14 hours on&off.

When I was in Ottawa I also spent $80 just on sexy lingerie, LOL.
And when I mean sexy I don't mean just cute bras and panties, ho ho ho~
I got 2 garter belts, stockings, bras, panties, and this really cute lace body suit that has bows on it and it's black and pink, kinda looks like a monokini but lingerie instead, I didn't take pictures of it though!

All pictures were taken on my phone by the way, I got a new cellphone and I absolutely adore it.

Okay now about my hair!
I dyed it black and blonde again.
I've really been missing my edgy style lately, the hairstyle I was more known for.
Originally I got rid of my edgy look because I wanted a more girlish gyaru type style although I think I'll just try and go for an edgy gyaru look instead, I don't call myself a gyaru considering I haven't been putting any effort into it lately, but perhaps soon I'll give it another go~
My inspiration for my hair?

Her! I have no idea who she is but the instant I saw her I literally fell in love with her hair, originally I was going to go back to my old exact style but decided to make my hair similar to hers instead.
The result~

My face is completely bare, LOL.
My hair was done all on my own, I still have yet to dye the blonde lighter since it's more brown because I dyed that half of my hair brown last month, but surprisingly it looks blonde next to the black.
This is what it looked like before,

I'm going to miss having all blonde hair but I love my new hair so much.

A few months ago I also got my tattoo finished. :>

Later on I'll probably fix it up even more and add to it~

I also ordered my first hair of circle lenses this week! I'm planning on ordering more, I also wanted to get lower lashes but I'll wait till I buy more circle lenses.
I got EOS Candy blue, there was a really good 40% promotion sale on the site I ordered from so I hope they'll come soon~~ when they do I'll defiantly do a review.
I really love the design of the EOS Candy series simply because it gives that dolly look but also blends in with any color eyes that you have, if I had the money I'd buy every color from that series!

I haven't really been putting makeup on a lot lately but I really love this style of makeup I did a few months ago because it really suits my eye color~

I updated my blogspot quite a bit today and I think I may just add a whole new template to it.
But now that I'm pretty much finished updating everyone, I'd like to sincerely thank all the new followers I got while I was away.
I'm sorry I haven't been updating and haven't been very active on blogspot but I'll try and update whenever I can now!
8.10.2011 (10.8.11)