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Chelsi / 19 / Toronto, Canada

Aspiring model/photographer/bartender.
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Palgantong One Touch BB Cream review.

This was a bit of one of those spur of the moment buys. I wasn't really expecting much out of it simply because it was so cheap (close to $5 for the pack) and to be honest it's not that bad but I really wouldn't buy it again. I've tried a few other BB creams before and this one is definitely my least favorite.

The cream is very oily on skin and it's difficult to really blend well. I would never wear just the cream because of how shinny it makes my face. When you put on the powder it does give that matte finish but it's far too light for my skin tone and my skin is really pale even without it but with this on it my face looks like a ghost. As for the little pink puff thing, COMPLETELY USELESS. I don't even really know what's it's for but one thing it IS good for is dusting off my computer desk, hahaha.

Even though it is cheap It's not something I would spend my $5 on again. If you do buy this just keep your expectations very low and you won't be disappointed.


9.20.2011 (20.9.11)