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Aspiring model/photographer/bartender.
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My weekend, Gyaru Secrets and my thoughts.

First off I'd like to mention I did see the secret about me and I really don't mind. I lurk Gyaru secrets pretty much every week although to be honest I was a bit surprised having someone tell me about something being posted about me there considering I don't even classify or consider myself as Gyaru yet somehow I got posted. When it comes down to it my smile is really awkward, LOL. There's no denying it because I feel awkward when I don't smile in pictures but when I do smile in pictures it just looks really faked and odd. 

But in all honesty, I don't mind things like this at all. Regardless if it takes needing to be anonymous to be brutally honest towards someone I think sometimes it's important to take and consider criticism and honesty as much as it is to get encouraged and complimented because without criticism how can you grow or get better at anything?
Not really directed at Gyaru Secrets but the topic of any kind of criticism in general.

As for my awesome weekend~
I went over on Saturday around 10pm to sleep over at Ashleys. We were planning on going to church early in the morning on Sunday but we both slept in from staying up too late! haha So we just went on the plans with her birthday for that day. We did go do tanning! haha It was so odd. When we were walking to the tanning salon @ Goodlife Fitness we had at least 5 or 6 honks from guys in cars. It was hilarious though, LOL. The tanning salon was cool though. I really should tan more often because I'm far too pale now so I think I might go ahead and get a membership. I'd just need to put the money I have on me in my bank because unfortunately they don't take cash. :< I'm thinking about getting a gym membership there too but that can wait until I get a decent paying job. 

I'm thoroughly considering moving out. I need to work on getting a new job but I honestly think it would be good for me instead of being in a sense trapped in this negative environment I'm in now. When I'm stuck in this loop of negativity it really puts a strain on me. Living here itself is like a trigger for me because the moment I enter again it's like a new round of struggling has begun. I never realized until just recently how much I've been suffering over the past year. Now that I'm honestly really happy with everything in my life to a point that I feel so incredibly blessed to have had this opportunity of meeting these amazing people I realized how much my life was lacking before.

Now, I'm just really going with the flow of things. It's a refreshing feeling compared to how suffocated I've felt over the past year not only to have been going through so much but being completely alone for so long and having no one really to go to. It left me in such a pit of depression that I started holding out my hand to the wrong people who didn't have the best intentions for me nor care about me or my well-being. But when you're in such a pit of depression and have no one to turn to it's like you really want to cling to someone, anyone regardless if they're good or bad you just crave that feeling of not being alone. Unfortunately those who I found a brief bit of comfort being around took advantage and used me for ill-mannered intentions. I knew very well what was going on and what would happen so it's my own fault for allowing such things to happen. I've always been very aware of the kind of person someone is and what intentions they have just by the words and actions they use. But at the time even though I knew and realized it, I let it happen. I let it happen because there was a strange sense of comfort I had in temporarily being used.
But I'm just really glad. Now I have genuine, honest and sincere people around me. People who I honestly couldn't describe with words on how blessed I feel to have met. And so, I feel less inclined to keep those bad influences around. I'm really honestly happy.

Anyway, back on the topic!! After we got back from the tanning salon we came back to eat met up with a few other friend and headed over to the Irish pub. We didn't last long until we left but oh my god!! Instead we went to go to a pub that had pool tables and it was so much fun. I'm surprised I didn't even get ID'd seeing as I don't have proper photo ID, LOL. Shame getting drunk didn't make me play better! instead it screwed up the aim of a pro. HAHAHA Joking, I really sucked at pool. I haven't played it in so long though, ugguuuu, IT WAS SO FUN.
And then after we left we went over to Mc Donalds to eat and hang around until 3am and went back to Ashley's home and watched a movie.
This weekend could not have been better.

I'll probably update this post later with pictures! I didn't take many but I know Jrose did so I'll add them in when I can! 
I hope everyone had a great weekend like I did!  


4.30.2012 (30.4.12)