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Geo Xtra WT-A0 Hearts in grey circle lens review.

A few weeks ago I went ahead and ordered a new pair of circle lenses from the lovely while they were having their 50% off promotion. Now for starters, I've just got to say what an amazing circle lens resource this shop is. Shortly before I ordered mine they had a 30% off promotion and just after that they had the 50% off promotion when I bought mine and then shortly after they had ANOTHER promotion of 40% off for 48 hours only. They have one of the best customer services and not only that, the packaging and shipping has been great. I ordered these lenses on the 28th of April and they arrived on the 7th of May! I recommend them highly for those looking for circle lenses so check them out! Also, if you buy 5 lenses you get the 6th pair of free circle lenses of your choice. I consider them a very trust-worthy site.

Now, on to the lenses!

Enlargement: 8/10
I loved how much they enlarged my eyes but personally I don't think I suit them that well unless I wear a dramatic/dark makeup style. They make your eyes pop incredibly with makeup but without makeup because of how enlarging they are they can look quite creepy.

Color/Design: 10/10 
I saw a review of these lenses quite some time ago and fell in love with the design. After trying them on I realized they didn't blend in as well as I had thought they would but the design and color I really enjoy nonetheless. On my eyes they seem to appear more blue-ish rather than grey although it's mainly because they're worn on light blue eyes making them more vibrant.

Comfort: 3/10 
Compared to my EOS lenses these ones were much more uncomfortable. They didn't burn or sting but they get dry very quickly. My other lenses I could wear for about 5-6 hours without feeling any discomfort or dry-ness but these ones felt really dry just after 2 hours. You can definitely feel like you have them in your eyes throughout the time you wear them so I believe some people might feel that these lenses are irritable to wear for long periods of time.

Overall: 6/10
I'll definitely enjoy using these lenses for dramatic looks and possibly a Rokku Gyaru inspired look. But, I really wish these lenses were a bit more comfortable so I could stand wearing them longer without feeling discomfort. I also really wish they looked less creepy without a lot of makeup.

I do in fact recommend these lenses but only to those who are more into the dramatic makeup styles and don't mind some discomfort with wearing them. With that said, make sure if you do buy these lenses to buy yourself some eye drops just in case you have the same issue with them as I do!


5.12.2012 (12.5.12)