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Hello everyone! I'd like to inform you about an online shop I recently came across that really sparked my interest. As most people already know, I really adore the Gyaru sense of fashion so when I was browsing through this particular website I automatically thought this would be a great site to share with everyone who keeps track of my blogs/posts.

The shop itself is Netherlands based (They do however ship worldwide!) called VIVI Clothes. As some people are very familiar with the name VIVI, it's the style of clothing that they aim for and carry. A wide selection of styles such as Gyaru, Gothic/Rokku, Harajuku, Cosplay, Kimonos, Lolita, School uniforms, and plenty more.They carry and sell a wide range of things from clothing to accessories, shoes, beauty products, circle lenses and carry even some of the more well known Japanese brands you see on popular Gyaru magazines such as EMODA, Candy Stripper, Liz Lisa, MA*RS, Tralala, and many more.

VIVI Clothes sells high quality clothing from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. Other providers sell counterfeit products from all over Asia however the clothing VIVI Clothes provides at a reasonable price not to mention, tax free, is completely legitimate.

Here are just a few of my favorites from their shop that I have on my 'Must Obtain' list~~~

Hello Kitty Limited Edition Harajuku Fashion Bag

Cute AMO AYUMI Wings Bag

Gothic lolita/maid outfit (Perfect for Halloween!!)

Cute Maid costume

Candy Stripper Hoodie/Dress

Candy Stripper Polka-dot Dress

Trendy Candy Stripper Leopard Gloves Hat Scarf Set

Candy Stripper Punk Style Stockings With Skull Print

Liz Lisa Lace Flowerprint Shirt

Liz Lisa 2012 Floral Print Jumpsuit With Bow

2012 LIZ LISA Cute HI-LOW Dress

Liz Lisa Cute Dress In Floral Print

Exclusive Liz Lisa Floral Print Dress

Trendy Ankle Boots

I definitely suggest checking them out!
I'll hopefully have a chance at reviewing them in the near future so stay tuned!♥
Until then you can check out and keep up to date by following their Shop, Facebook page, Twitter & Fashiolista.

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